Hasini LakshmiNarayanan– The 12 YO YouTuber  Dreams to Be a Nutritionist

Hasini LakshmiNarayanan

In conversation with Brainfeed, Hasini LakshmiNarayanan, from Chettinad Vidyashram School, Chennai, shares her journey of being a young YouTuber and motivator. 


Please brief us on your YouTube channel. 


The First Step was created to motivate and empower children and youngsters and at the same time spreading the success stories of young achievers. I interact and converse with young prodigies pan India. So far, it has been a joy ride.


 How did The First Step come about?


It had an eccentric start. I was interacting with children to make a Father’s Day video. In the video, we chronicled happy memories the kids had with their fathers. In my father’s office, the video was supposed to be a happy surprise! The project turned out well, and my father suggested me to upload the video on YouTube. It was my Eureka moment! The First Step occurred to me. I was only a beginner and felt jittery during the initial recordings. I am improving, making mistakes and using YouTube as a fun, learning space. 


How do you choose your guests for interviews?


My father helps me a lot to network and connect. I have been able to engage with many interesting people.


 Did you have prior experience as a host?


Not particularly. The First Step gave me the opportunity to play a host. Thank god for my participation in school debates and public speaking that I do not suffer from stage fright. My school has definitely helped me in polishing communicative skills. During this journey as a YouTuber, I have learnt a lot about myself. Although I was initially nervous, I have gotten used to it. Thanks to The First Step video editor Manikanth Anna for doing a brilliant job.


During this journey as a YouTuber, I have learnt a lot about myself. Although I was initially nervous, I have gotten used to it.


What are your career aspirations?


I want to pursue a degree in Nutrition and become a Food Scientist. This might sound like an irony to people who know me because I love stuffing my mouth with truckloads of junk foods! 


What are your hobbies? 


I love painting and have 7 years of training in art. In my leisure time, I dabble with acrylic and pastel colours. 


What will be your message for young dreamers?


I would pledge them to keep motivating themselves even when confronted with odds. I would take this opportunity to appreciate the amazing works schools are doing. Today, schools are helping many to engage and acquaint themselves with extra-curricular and cultural activities. I guess this is an amazing way by which we can experiment and learn more about ourselves. Lap the chances and make an effort know where your passion lies.

If you want to share your journey on The First Step, please reach out to me at slakshminarayanan@gmail.com