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Human Expedition to Mars through SpaceX’s Eyes

Tomorrow morning, NASA SpaceX will take astronomers into the Earth’s orbit from Cape Canaveral setting a mission important in history of space launches. SpaceX has, additionally, revealed key points about its plan to establish a human colony on Mars and the nitty gritty of the entire mission that will be achieved through a crewed commercial flight to Mars. In a meeting of the Committee on Space Research, Paul Wooster, Principal Development Engineer for Marx expedition elaborated the plans as visualised by the company.

The issue of fuel shortage will be overcome by stationing fuel refilling carriers in Earth’s orbit. Therefore, SpaceX will face no obstacles or shortage of energy as it proceeds towards establishing a Martian colony.

The first Starship will only deliver cargo. Once the mission is completed smoothly, SpaceX will release other Starships with passengers on board. The first batch of humans will be responsible for locating sources of liquid water and food. With sufficient liquid water, the daunting task of producing fuel for the next Starships will be complete.

During the meeting, Wooster commented, “We’re very much focusing this landing-site identification effort toward areas that have very significant quantities of water ice.” It would be resourceful for the human colony to thrive on Mars.

“In terms of the vision that we’re moving toward, it’s really to enable cities on Mars and everything that comes with having a city, having a large and growing population,” explained Wooster.

The mission is set to benefit other countries such as Australia as explained by Andy Thomas, an Australia-born astronaut.

“A private corporation can sell seats to anyone who wishes to engage in human spaceflight. I could well see for example that at some point in the not too distant future an organisation within Australia might decide there’s a business case to be made to fly an astronaut and we’ll be able to buy a seat and do that without some of the problems that have existed in the past,” said Thomas

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