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How about a Math & Art exhibition every month

How about a Math & Art exhibition every month
The best of teachers have been found wanting in classroom management but a few simple changes and measures can go a long

  – Maarit Rossi

The modern-day student wants to be engaged all the time and teachers have to find ingenious ways, one method is to have an exhibition every

month on a theme in Math and Art. This is just one of the tips here are more. The best way is to start in the very beginning of the academic session when the teacher has to deal with a new set of students and if the school is new, the sooner one gears up, the better.

  1. Make a list of aspects that you would be dealing with right from work place, classroom, and homework. Prepare a list and have it hung on the wall. If you can get the message across that they need to first listen it would help for the rest of the year. Drill it into them that it is the most important principle.

You can do it by saying: “One of my principles is that you need to listen when someone has something to say. Is it suitable for you that you don’t speak over each other?” Principle by principle you discuss with them with this method. You can even write the list of principles and put it on the wall. Later remember to remind the principles and agreements if someone forgets!

  1. When the teacher remembers the names of students, she/he shows respect to the student. How to remember names of new students?

You need a soft toy. Give the toy to a student and ask her/ his name. What is your name? Make a question to her. What is your hobby? For example, she says reading. You ask the whole class. Whose hobby is reading? Class will answer; Lisa’s. Ask Lisa to bring the toy to another classmate, preferably the one she doesn’t know so well. Then you will ask again. What is your name? Make a question to him. What is your favorite color? Blue. You ask from the whole class. Whose favorite color is blue? Mark’s. Continue the process until all students are covered.

When a teacher calls a student by his/her name, it shows that the teacher respects and recognizes. Every person, no matter his or her age, loves to be recognized. This exercise, though it sounds simple helps in breaking the ice and ushers bonding.

  1. Be flexible with your class plan. Keep in your mind your pedagogical target but groups’ alertness may change. You need to understand that you can reach your target via different paths!
  2. Give positive feedback as often as possible; not only for right math answer, also for good effort, different approach. Pupil’s self-reflection of own abilities seems to be of greater significance than previously thought. Data from PISA (OECD 2016) tells that on average 59% of students often worry that Mathematics classes will be difficult for them. Among these students, girls are more likely than boys to report anxiety towards mathematics. There is too often a lack of positive feedback – let student talk that in your lessons they get most positive feedback!
  1. Put the students’ works on the wall of classroom, also in the school corridors. Show how you and the school respect their work. If possible have a Math exhibition every month. Exhibition can be about math and art, famous mathematicians, math and everyday life, student’s researches, patterns in math, some month even good notebooks could be the theme!
  2. Do not raise your voice! It may be the moment you lose the respect from your students!



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