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The preparation of a modern professional is an integral part of the educational process at the university. Research activity allows the student to expand his horizons and become a high-quality specialist for the modern labour market. One of the forms of familiarization with science can be the writing and presentation of one’s results in the form of an article.

Writing a scientific article is a big deal. Many students face many difficulties during this process and often turn to experts with a request “Please, write my paper”, which allows them to get excellent article completed in the previously agreed time frame. However, every modern student must learn to write scientific articles independently, since this skill will be useful to him in life. Read on to learn about the difficulties associated with writing a scientific article and their solution.

Difficulties of Writing a Scientific Article

Here is a list of the main difficulties that often arise when writing a scientific article and the basic steps to overcome them:

  1. Where to get the topic of the article?
    The topic of the article can be invented independently if you conduct research. This option is well suited to those students who are already engaged in science, they have ideas, hypotheses that require verification. The second option is to seek help from a teacher.
  2. How to find information on a research topic?
    When preparing the text of the article, you should use the following services to search for similar information:, You can search for possible similar articles on a topic using the following systems: (registration is required to view full texts),,, etc.
  3. How to write a scientific article?
    First of all, it is necessary to compile content, which, as a rule, includes a topic, annotation, keywords, introduction, main body, conclusions and list of references:
  • The annotation requires a brief description of the study, the method and results;
  • Keywords are words or phrases that characterize an article. Three to five are needed;
  • The introduction substantiates the relevance of the topic of the article. It is necessary to determine the research problem here. It is important to analyze how other scientists studied the problem: from which sides and in what aspects they studied the topic. You can quote and describe articles and books on the theme;
  • The main part describes the methodology and results. It is necessary to imagine how it was done and what was obtained, with an interpretation of the results. Thus, for example, when describing a developed program, you need to talk about it, describe the logic of working with screenshots and code fragments. When describing a sociological study, it is required to describe the sample and bring questions. Tables, graphs are well suited to present the results. When describing a study of company performance, you will need to provide an analysis of reporting. When describing a pedagogical experiment, it is required to show the methodology (groups of students, questions or assignments), the results in the form of tables, graphs. In the article on technical sciences, it is necessary to present the experimental technique and the results in the form of tables and graphs, etc.;
  • The conclusions in one, two paragraphs require summarizing the main results of the study;
  • The design of the literature is carried out in accordance with the requirements. Different journals have different requirements.
  1. How to check text for anti-plagiarism?
    Before sending the text of the article to the teacher, it must be checked for the use of borrowings. To check the text for plagiarism, you can use the service The uniqueness of the text most often should be 60-80%.
  2. Where to publish a scientific article?
    To publish an article, you can choose several options:
  • Materials of student scientific conference;
  • Materials of the international scientific conference;
  • Scientific journal not included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission;
  • Scientific journal included in the list of THE Higher Attestation Commission;
  • Scientific journal indexed in Scopus / Web of Scene.

Thus, in this article, we told you about how to write a scientific article at a high level and how to overcome difficulties that may arise in the process of writing. We hope the information is helpful.

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