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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Huge Expansion in US Education Market Amidst COVID-19

US education market

US education market anticipated growth of USD 2,040 billion by 2026 by Zion Market Research is witnessing substantial growth. The expansion is driven by increasing population, participation in education and emerging technologies that are making distance learning accessible. Even amidst COVID-19, the growth has stirred investments by tech giants who are collaborating with traditional educational institutions to experiment learning with new tools. 

Top Three Trends in US Market

Education sector in the US has shown remarkable resilience towards the challenges imposed by COVID-19 pandemic. As more Americans are engaging in higher education on virtual portals, private education sector is pouring capital into the industry. However, analysts have predicted new challenges in the booming profitable industry—increase in non-profit education institutions and inadequate trained educators in the US. 

Highly Cybersecured Network

In the US, the spread of upscale digitised learning pedagogy thrives on a fortified cybersecurity network allowing students to connect across the globe through digital technology. Cloud-based solutions and integration of AI and ML have confirmed their stay in education for decades to come. It caters to the unquenchable demand to maintain transparency and connectivity across various departments. Concept of smart schools and lab-based online courses have revolutionised the way educators now perceive cybersecurity. 

Digital Library 

Schools are bringing their physical libraries online on a cloud platform to help students access reading materials from genuine sources. US educational institutes are keen on adapting and mastering the inventive mediums to maintain the continuum of learning. 

AI in Learning

AI chatbots are increasingly becoming an integral part of helping teachers accustom to classrooms and labs. AI in future will act as storehouse of information and knowledge. Students will be better incorporated into the learning environment with personalised and flexible teaching methods. 

Zion Market Research has vouched for a high demand for video-based learning content, collaborative learning, adaptive and blended learning formats.

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