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Human Contrived Meteor Shower on the Horizon

The 1,100 pound NASA’s DART spacecraft set to launch in 2021 is likely to crash against asteroids Didymos that travel around the sun. as it slams into Disymoon, one of the smaller asteroids, minor particles of the asteroid is likely to reach Earth almost immediately. NASA predicts a chunk of the materials will probably reach Earth after thousands of years. The collision of DART with Didymoon will facilitate the first meteor shower caused by human interference in space. Besides, the activity will provide researchers with invaluable materials to examine the composition of near-Earth asteroids.

DART will be the first demonstration of the kinetic impactor technique to change the motion of an asteroid in space,” reads an official statement by NASA in its website

ALE, a Tokyo-based space entertainment start-up, was also inching inch closer to inducing artificial meteor shower by releasing star particles in the outer space. As part of the Sky Canvas project, the first artificial shooting star project was first announced in 2016. The shower was to be  inherently composed of non-toxic materials.

The projects, besides testing the feasibility of creating man-made meteors, are replete with other scientific interests. For instance, the satellites by ALE were responsible to study Earth’s upper atmosphere- density, composition and wind direction. DART, similarly, has the mission to check if it is humanly possible to push asteroids into other orbits averting a clash with the Earth in the process.

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