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NTA (National Testing Agency) has declared JEE Main 2020 results for Paper 1 for January session on January 17, 2020. According to NTA’s recent press release, 9 candidates have secured 100 percentile score. Out of these, first two are from Andhra Pradesh, one from Delhi NCR and Haryana, two are from Rajasthan and Telangana.

Brainfeed Higher Education Plus spoke to the Haryana (100 percentile) and Bihar Topper (99.99 percentile) to understand their exam strategy and future aspirations.

S. No.

Candidates Name

State Code of Eligibility

1. Landa Jitendra Andhra Pradesh
2. Thadavarthi Vishnu Sri Sai Sankar Andhra Pradesh
3. Nishant Agarwal Delhi (Nct)
4. Nisarg Chadha Gujarat
5. Divyanshu Agarwal Haryana
6. Akhil Jain Rajasthan
7. Parth Dwivedi Rajasthan
8. Rongala Arun Siddardha Telangana
9. Chagari Koushal Kumar Reddy Telangana


Interaction with JEE Main 2020 Topper Divyanshu Aggarwal: All India Topper

How do you feel?

I just worked hard. And hard work is the key to success!

Share your strategy for exam.

I spent time to look at every question in the exam. I left the tricky questions for the last and attempted the rest.

Number of hours of study

10-11 hrs

Break for relaxation

Walking, Games (Badminton, Caroom, Chess) and Youtube Cartoon videos

Three hours prior to exam

I didn’t read anything new. “Attempting exam without any stress is very important,” taught my teachers. I just spoke over call with my parents and teachers to stay calm.

On preparing notes

Preparing notes is a crucial and important task. I especially made sure that my notes are clear, comprehensive and highlighted. I even used sketch pens to give a colour code and help remember.

Favourite Subject

Maths, because it’s purely logical.

Future Ambition

Research in Mathematics

Your Message

Studying for the love of subject should be the basic key for education.


JEE Main 2020 Topper Shubh Kumar: He is the JEE Main topper from Bihar.

How do you feel?

I expected the percentile as I referred the answer key after the exam.

Share your strategy for exam.

Regular tests taken by the coaching proved to be of great help.

Number of hours of study

About 10 hours a day

Break for relaxation


  1. Three hours prior to exam

We were advised not to read much.

On preparing notes

It’s important for comprehension of material and retention too.

  1. Future Ambition


Who inspired you?

The seniors at coaching who kept coming over to motivate us inspired me.

(Both the interviewees got their coaching at Vidyamandir Classes.)

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