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RAVI K Librarian BGS National Public School Hulimavu,

By RAVI K, Librarian, BGS National Public School, Bangalore.

In the modern education technology is most important, it will help to provide them with a higher quality of education, and students can access variety of resources in different forms. As the new approaches of education in terms of teaching methods, they are targeted more towards virtual environments. In online teaching it increase the availability of learning experiences for teachers as well as students, their learning process will happen at home it helps to learn new things. With the help of Internet, Mobiles, Tablet, Computers and laptops these are the technology models used for the online teaching and learning. It provides children, especially those in their early developmental years, with a stable environment for social interactions, helping them develop skills like boundary setting, empathy and cooperation. It offers teachers an efficient way to deliver lessons to students; it allows students to attend classes from any location of their choice, it’s more affordable as compared to physical learning, It is helpful for rural area students to get quality education. Facing challenges during online classes While teaching online some students left the mic open during the meeting, difficult to keep students engaged in activates, Lack of appropriate materials and resources, Technical problems, Lack of in service training, difficulty in assembling all the students for the class, Lack of cooperation from the parents, Lack of internet facilities to the students, difficulty to follow up the learning of students are the major challenges faced by them.  


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