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Importance of Embracing a Global Perspective for Law Students Amidst Pandemic

Dr. Sukhvinder Singh Dari, Director, Symbiosis Law School, Nagpur

The massive advancements in transportation and communication technologies has accelerated the process of globalization over the last decade. This has exponentially boosted the movement of people, products, services and capital as global trade is seen to be approaching its peak. In an interconnected world like this, the need to develop a global outlook gets even more crucial. Law students today are required to understand this global outlook, appreciate the diverse perspectives, adapt to different cultures and study the impact these global events have on the lives of the people.

With more and more schools in India embracing this international curriculum, you are not just preparing your students for the future but also promoting the creation of leading global education hubs in the country. The current crisis has confirmed the criticality of international law in the rapid process of globalization. In the times of a pandemic, international rules play an indispensable role in tackling global problems and taking collaborative efforts in minimising the consequences and boosting the economy. Thus, it’s time for all the law students and law aspiring students to expand their knowledge related to global law and stay prepared for the crisis that the future holds.


Expanding Knowledge in Global Law

International law covers the basic foundation of the entire legal system, rendering insights on concepts, principles and comparative vision. The world today is so interconnected and no area of human activity remains unregulated by some or the other form of international rules or human rights, right from farming to defence sector, entertainment to business sector. However, the legal systems of all countries vary from each other and are diverse in nature. Despite this diversity, differences in cultural, political and economic systems, the world comes together in structuring rules that promote the mutual interests of all the countries. This makes it essential for every law aspirant to expand their knowledge in terms of global law and stay on top of their game.


Importance of pursuing Foreign Investment Law and Public International Law

International law has made its way through every aspect of legal practice. Thus, every modern law student must master the study of international rules along with international legal instruments and mechanisms for the settlement of any international or transnational legal disputes. This expertise helps not only in international tribunals but also at national level litigation as most of them come with an international or a transnational dimension.


Importance of Foreign Investment Law in Globalisation of Business

Investment law stands as a balancing exercise which is aimed at protecting the private and the public rights and interests of all its stakeholders. It can also be defined as an engine of growth in terms of global trade. Understanding foreign investments and its motives is highly crucial for addressing policy issues, identifying how FI and International trade are potentially related. This understanding is also an attempt to bolster the future investment treaties and inspire emerging economies.


Scope of International Law

International law is a cumulation of a plethora of exciting professional opportunities. These options include working for law firms, multinational companies, government organizations, international organizations, diplomatic services and any national or international non profit organizations. However, it requires one to master various skills like content drafting, negotiating, concluding legal instruments and must be able to  ensure their implementation within the jurisdiction.


Staying Updated With Global Trends

It is the need of the hour for law schools to update their curriculum and embrace a global perspective to meet the continuously evolving needs of society. The post COVID- 19 phase is going to be a crucial time for various government organizations, international organizations, civic organizations as a major focus will be on uplifting and establishing concrete international healthcare regulations and preparing the world for a better future.

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