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In Haryana, Midday Meals Extended to Out-of-School Children and Drop-outs

In Haryana, midday meals will be uniformly distributed among enrolled students, school drop-outs as well as out-of-school children as confirmed by Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan. Previously midday meals were reserved for students admitted to government schools.

“Children enrolled in schools used to receive mid-day meals in the form of cooked food earlier. In view of the spread of Covid-19, teachers have started delivering dry ration to children on the school’s roll. However, out-of-school were not being covered earlier. Now, the dry ration will be made available to these children as well,” commented Project Coordinator of Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan.

Due to the onslaught of COVID-19, thousands of students across the countries are deprived of midday meals and many have been compelled to opt for jobs such as rag-picking, grazing animals or tending to crops in the fields.

“We have received new directions recently. As per the new directions, classes will soon start for these out-of-school children. They’ll be enrolled and mid-day meals will be provided to them. While anyone can access online classes, regular classes for these children couldn’t take place due to the disruption caused by the pandemic,” said Gurugram’s Block Education officer Sudesh Raghav.

In West Bengal, the government will provide daily ration of pulses, soybean and soap to students who until now were only receiving rice and potato as ration kits. The government will also provide free textbooks and other study materials as a relief measure to Amphan affected areas even during the lockdown.

Among other states, the plight regarding midday meals is most pronounced in Bihar where no action has been taken on the issue.

Meals in Haryana will be provided in the form of “dry ration” to children.  Other efforts to streamline online education for all are underway.

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