In Hyderabad, children are the worst sufferer of air pollution

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Air quality index (AQI) in Hyderabad is moderate but the people of Hyderabad and their habit will surely move our index from moderate to unhealthy. India has one of the 10 worst polluted cities in the word as per the study.

As per World Air Quality Index project, today real-time AQI of Hyderabad lowest is found in Patancheru which is 60 and highest in Bahadurapura west with 154. The entire city is having a major pollution problem. The air reaching the high level of the pollutant in every street of Hyderabad.

Air pollution can cause an adverse effect to our health like short-term effects to include eye, nose, and throat irritation, headaches, allergic reactions, and respiratory infections and long-term effects are lung cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease and damage of kidney, brain, and liver.

Children are the worst sufferer of air pollution. Airpocalypse is the next human-made bio-weapon, which will kill its own species in the nearby future. As per a study by Gummeneni, et al., 2011, vehicles have also contributed significant influence on particulate matter levels at the site for both PM10 (22%) and PM2.5 (31%).

“TRAP (traffic-related air pollution) directly causes hyper-responsiveness of airway, oxidative stress and directly irritates the airways mucosa. In TRAP, mainly DEP (diesel-exhausted pollution) is the 90% cause of outdoor air pollution. In urbanization and low socioeconomic status, children live in 300metres from roadways, and they are most affected. There is a risk of exacerbation of asthma, which can be fatal. Following a diet rich in fruits and vegetables could help children with asthma,” said Dr M Naresh, MD (Pulmonology), a junior resident at Osmania Hospital to The Hans India.

 “Children exposed to air pollution are at increased risk of asthma, allergic rhinitis and later in life they are prone to get chronic lung diseases and will also be at risk of getting allergic conjunctivitis and skin allergies like contact dermatitis. High level of carcinogens in the smoke of vehicles may affect with increased risk for lung cancer in later part life,” said Dr Ramesh Babu Dampuri, consultant paediatrician and adolescent physician and RMO at Niloufer Hospital, Hyderabad as reported by The Hans India.

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