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Monday, November 30, 2020
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In Punjab, Teachers’ Song on Government Schools Breaks Stereotypes

teachers' song

‘Kihney Sohney Sarkari School,’ composed and conceptualised by Educator Karamjit Singh Grewal has already garnered 60,000 views on the ‘Activities School Education Punjab’ page. The teachers’ song seeks to do away with the age-old misconceptions and stereotypes prevalent about government schools. Students have both enjoyed and shared the composition widely.

Widely shared, the teachers’ song is brimming with positivity, as observed by a teacher; it has simultaneously eliminated the negative images that many generally associate with government schools.

“It is time to do away with the negative stereotypes of government schools. The government schools have changed. Infrastructurally, these schools are much better now. The teachers too try to engage the students’ attention by employing techniques that are interesting, stimulating, motivating and, most importantly, student-friendly,” comments Grewal.

Over the years, Grewal has contributed more than 40 songs on students and education in the country.

“A teacher who manages to kindle a spark of curiosity and bring a ray of hope in his students’ life is a successful teacher. A teacher’s duty is not merely completing the curriculum. It encompasses much more – students should be able to understand what they are taught; they should be able to use their learning in their own life and they should be socially responsive and responsible,” further adds Grewal.


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