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India Is considered to be the most attractive destination for Foreign Students

Barry O’Driscoll

The positive growth in employment is the reason why Ireland still continues to be a favorite destination for Indian students. Barry O’Driscoll, Senior Education Advisor, Education in Ireland assures Higher Education Plus that Ireland will continue to fulfill the expectations and aspirations of students.

Q. Why do you think Indian students are now choosing Ireland as a destination for education over the UK?
Ireland is not only an English speaking country which breaks down the communication gap that usually a student deals with while their stay abroad but they also find a multicultural society with the highest of educational standards and the warmest of welcomes. One of the prime reasons behind Ireland’s gaining popularity is the revision of their third level graduation scheme which allows non-EU students, who have completed their Master’s degree from Irish higher institutions, to stay back in the country for an additional 24 months allowing them enough time to seek employment.

Q. What kind of studies do Irish students seek to pursue in India?
Ireland by itself is one of the popular destinations for education for Indian students, the mobility of Irish students to India is minimal. Though, we have seen few Irish Master level students coming to India for projects or to visit metro cities for the purpose of the market study.

Q. What do you think of India being a destination for international students?
India is considered as one of the youngest countries in the world and has some of the most renowned institutions that are doing remarkably well in supporting and building new talents. India is also considered to be one of the most attractive destinations for foreign students.
In this case, affordable education would be the key factor in its popularity.

Q. Will there be any more visa relaxation for aspiring Indian students? Post-Brexit what do you think of the safety of international students?
While other countries are making their visa rules more rigid for international students, Ireland has kept its door open and welcomes international students to explore its strong education sector. Non-EU students post completion of their Master’s degree get an extended visa to stay in the country for an additional two years to seek suitable employment opportunities and gain experience at a global level. Ireland is well-known for their friendly nature and their great hospitality, which makes it easier for overseas students to adapt their way of life giving them an enriching experience during their stay.

Q. Which will be the key growth areas between India and Ireland in the coming decade? What do you think of the trade and entrepreneurship opportunities between the nations?
If we observe the growing trade relations between Indian and Ireland, by the next decade we can only expect more positive developments to come. Ireland has some of the best medical device equipment, aviation
systems, agricultural technology and fintech solutions, etc. In near future, we can only see a positive increase in trade in these areas.

Q. What kind of workforce exchange takes place between India and Ireland?
It is mainly in the ICT sector that we see the most workforce exchange taking place as many renowned Indian multinationals from TCS, Wipro, Infosys, etc. have their operations located in Ireland

Q. Post Brexit how are job conditions for Indian students in the country?
There are employment opportunities in Ireland and we see a positive growth year on year. Ireland has a two year post-study work visa system in place for international students and there are over 1000 MNCs situated in Ireland that include sectors such as ICT, Social Media, Pharmaceuticals and Finance with big names such as Google, HP, Apple, IBM, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pfizer, GSK, and Genzyme.

These companies require a highly skilled, educated and capable workforce to drive the organization and are in constant search of talent.

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