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India to Record Highest Birth Rates amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

With 20 million births expected between March and December, India will experience a whopping number of birth rates. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has warned of prolong health complications and strained medical services for both mothers and babies. As the country tries hard to recuperate from the loss of COVID-19, about 116 million babies will be born. The numbers were declared by UNICEF head of May 10 or International Mother’s Day. the babies are set to arrive up to 40 weeks after covid-19 was declared as a pandemic by WHO on 11 March, 2020.

Other countries to witness the same phenomenon are China with 13.5 million expected births, Nigeria with 6.4 million births and Pakistan and Indonesia with 5 and 4 million expected deliveries respectively. As per numbers, India is expected to have 24.1 million births during January-December 2020. The ongoing lockdown and virus spread will however disrupt healthcare services including childbirth and care putting millions at great peril.

“New mothers and new-borns will be greeted by harsh realities,” confirmed UNICEF ahead of the expected curfews and lockdowns, shortage of supplies at healthcare units, fatigued healthcare workers and insufficiently trained workers who are supposed to assist the childbirth.

“Millions of mothers all over the world embarked on a journey of parenthood in the world as it was. They now must prepare to bring a life into the world as it has become — a world where expecting mothers are afraid to go to health centres for fear of getting infected, or missing out on emergency care due to strained health services and lockdowns,” confirmed Henrietta Fore, Executive Director, UNICEF.

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