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India transitioned to online education very well doing Covid-19 despite unequal digital access


A report from Oxford University Press (OUP) showed that India transitioned quite well from offline to online education during the Covid-19 lockdown. This was despite the unequal access to digital learning devices across the country and lack of internet connectivity in remote areas.

The report titled ‘Education: The Journey Towards a Digital Revolution’ however also noted that the government needed to act fast so that the progress from last year wasn’t lost. The coronavirus pandemic has paved the way for blended and hybrid learning models in education which combines technology-based or digital education and traditional teaching.

Alongside extensive secondary research, the report captured insights from experts across seven markets — India, the UK, Brazil, South Africa, Pakistan, Spain, and Turkey — as well as from hundreds of teachers globally.

Report analysed how students and teachers adapted

The Covid-19 pandemic affected more than 1.7 billion students worldwide over the past 12 months. The Oxford report analysed how students, parents and teachers adapted to new forms of learning and delivering education, and how they would keep using the digital learning tools and resources to shape educational practice in the future.

India scores 3.3/5 in transition

“In India, compared to other countries, respondents felt that the transition to online learning was done rather well, scoring 3.3/5,” the report said.

“However, a major issue identified by respondents was unequal access to digital learning devices, as well as a lack of internet connectivity and little familiarity around the tools required to facilitate online learning,” added the Oxford report.

“The majority of respondents in India (71 per cent) also felt that shifting to online has been detrimental to wellbeing. The priority for the government is to provide more funding, as well as addressing connectivity issues, particularly in rural areas,” it said.

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