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Indian Edtech Start-ups to Benefit from COVID-19 Scare

In the wake of school shutdowns in India, e-learning platforms and edtech start-ups continue imparting education to 335 million Indian students. As the coronavirus scare deepens in the country, Coursera and Byju’s have made their educational apps free till the end of April. Emergency measures taken at the onset of pandemic have promoted a level-playing field for start-ups marketing their products. Any university student can access the content in Coursera till. July 31. Further extensions would depend on severity of the situation and to the extent it might affect education. At the helm of coronavirus chaos, are unique interactive surfaces of Vedantu, Unacademy, Toppr and BUJU’s.

An estimated growth of $1.96 million from $247 million previously in 2017 is set to revamp the way students attend classes. Prevalent usages of smartphones and uninterrupted internet  services have increased popularity of e-learning apps. Indian education market is expansive and set to benefit the key players in case shutdown prolongs.

Albeit a few schools are live-streaming classes, majority is grappling with the idea of online education. At this juncture, several start-ups are jointly collaborating with schools, designing courses and making them mobile-friendly. From 96 million users, e-learning in India will witness an expansion of 44 percent in its consumer base. The figure is roughly to come around approximately 9.6 million users by 2021.

The first wave of online education in India already started decades back with the advent of smart boards and ICT solutions. Educationists and tech enthusiasts are currently witnessing the third wave. Schools, colleges and universities have adopted AI, gamification and deeptech to create personalized lesson plans for students. Zishaan Hayath, CEO and cofounder of Toppr, added that the year-ending academic session might prove beneficial for the start-ups. “This might bring in more trials and could enable students to try out online learning as a serious alternative, however, to find out if this kicks off a trend; we don’t know that yet.”

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