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Indian Education vs. 21st century teaching Techniques

Indian Education vs. 21st century teaching Techniques1

Pradeep Verma

The development of every nation depends on Education. Education plays an important role in developing a nation culturally, economically and socially. Information Technology plays a pivotal role for the development of education. 21st century teaching Techniques 21st century teaching Techniques

The education culture in India has reached interesting times. Teachers are more qualified, students are more aware, schools have better facilities. 21st century education is certainly aided by computers, projectors, the internet, and much more. Everything that can be simplified has been made simpler.

Technology and science have explored every aspect of life. The Indian education system must adopt 21st century teaching techniques for next generation to prepare for future. This can be done by adopting following:-

1. An integrated approach to learning where the focus shifts to concepts rather than subjects.

2. Education system should provide time, energy and resources to focus on developing the critical 4Cs of 21st century education – Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Creativity.

3. Transform the assessment and Evaluation in schools and focus on qualitative assessment of child

4. We must aim to connect the learning to real world around the child, and make learning contextual. The textbook driven approach restricts the creativity and innovation of teacher.

5. Activity based learning, project based learning, Teaching for understanding, Design Thinking are some of the modern tools and practices that can be used to nurture the child for the future needs of society.

6. The BEd and diploma programs in Teaching must be re-designed keeping in mind the needs of 21st century learner.

7. The school building and campus must all be re-designed to reflect the new approach towards teaching. We need more flexible learning environment.

The current system in India needs many changes. Teachers need to experiment with different styles of teaching. One must understand teaching must change, not the students.

Today the word ‘school’ does not capture the rich purpose and requirements of 21st century learner, who learns everywhere all the time and is not constrained by the boundaries of the classroom.

If students are to be relevant in future, the education system will have to adopt the 21st century techniques.

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