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Indian-Origin Scientist Figures out Four Possible COVID-19 Drugs

An Indian-born scientist and researcher has developed four probable antiviral drugs along with his team in the US. One of the drugs include ramdesivir that was essentially meant to cure Ebola. Nonetheless, ramdesivir might prove effective in checking the proliferation of the novel coronavirus causing the COVID-19 outbreak.

Kamlendra Singh, Associate Professor, University of Missouri and his colleagues used computer-added drug to test the efficacy of ramdesivir, ribavirin, favipiravir and 5-fluorouracil.

“These antiviral drugs, if they turn out to be effective, all have some limitations. But in the midst of global pandemic, they are worth taking a deeper look at because based on our research, we have reason to believe that all of these drugs could potentially be effective in treating COVID-19,” expressed Singh.

Entirety of the study is published in the journal Pathogens revealing the four drugs with the capacity of inhibiting the coronavirus’ RNA proteins from replicating copies of the novel coronavirus.

“Our goal is to help doctors by providing options for possible treatment of COVID-10, and to ultimately contribute in improving the health outcomes of patients suffering from the infectious disease,” scientist Singh said.

Currently, COVID-19 has claimed  282K deaths worldwide with 4.1M cases.

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