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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Indian Schools Await Fourth Industrial Revolution in 21st century


World Economic Forum (WEF) framed new policies to bring quality in education with the dawn of Fourth Industrial Revolution. Populated by Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence, schools are now stringent about skill-building. Emphasis on soft skills and STEM education is highlighted to render students workforce ready.

As the gap between skill and unemployment exacerbates, countries are opting for holistic educational practices. The change is paramount to face the 21st-century demographics, geopolitical and economic changes.

Holistic Learning in Education

Techniques such as collaborative learning, emotional intelligence, innovation and creativity and personalised learning methods will equip children for the future. The anticipated sea change is likely to arrive as schools will switch to project from process-based learning.

The changes will be integrated into a new economic and social context under the banner—Education 4.0. The model has tremendous potential to gear students for imminent changes in the workforce. Newer avenues to social mobility, high productivity and social cohesion would be open once holistic learning is imitated. Agile problem-solving skills and skilled critical thinking ability would encourage students to reach new heights. Students will experience the joys of learning and discovering to the full extent. India could benefit from students’ leadership, empathy and cooperation skills taught within the four walls of classrooms.

Worldwide, schools are adopting the changes to fire intellectual passions within students. The transformation brought around by automation and technology will be addressed through educational policy.

Skills Employers Want

The concepts of “job” and “designation” are constantly in flux. Communication skills, flexibility, networking, commitment, soft skills and innovation are the buzzwords.  New recruits can navigate their way upwards the management once they are adept at professional networking. AI has resulted in surging demands for human skills among employees. In workplaces, priority is on non-cognitive and character skills- something robots cannot demonstrate.

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