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Innovative Teaching Methods/Techniques

Innovative Teaching Methods Techniques
Different classroom activities to promote creativity, new ideas and classroom practices

Education is the light that shows mankind the right direction to surge. Today, however, education culture in the country has taken a detour from what it was meant to be. Although the centre has been taking steps, to step up the quality of education, the primary focus on pre-primary education is must. Innovative Teaching Methods/Techniques Innovative Teaching Methods/Techniques 

If pre-primary education fails to inculcate independence, creativity, commitment and self-discipline in the students, it is not entirely their fault. Education needs to be portrayed as a sport. It should be associated, by the students, with excitement rather than with burden and boredom. It’s definitely going to take time to bring more positive change in the pre-primary education, still it has to be done. Here are some innovative teaching methods that can help the teachers reinvent their education and make their classes interesting.

Early childhood Education is the key
to the betterment
of society
– Maria Montessori

Creativity as a part of daily learning

Teachers should use tools which help stimulate creativity in the students. Visual exercises that captivate interest of students should be made a part of instructions. This can go long way in bringing out innate possibilities within students.

Audio & Video Tools

Audio-visual materials should be incorporated in the classes. Textbooks should be complemented with prototypes, film-strips, videos and pictorial material. Info graphics or other brain mapping techniques can be used. This will help in mapping the information to both left & right brains of students. This will act as a teaser to both logic & creativity in the students.

“Real-World” Examples

Infusing real world experiences into the instructions can make lessons fresh and enrich learning. Relating and demonstrating through real life situations will make the material easy to understand. It will also draw interest of many students which is the key motivation.

Brainstorming Sessions

Brainstorming sessions should always be a part of the class. These are sessions when many minds express their views on one issue/problem. When multiple brains focus on one single idea, the benefits are manifold. These sessions will help the students open up. These will also help in broadening student perspectives.

Education needs to be portrayed as a sport. It should be associated, by the students, with excitement rather than with burden and boredom

Learning through experimentation

Colours should not be introduced by just showing a coloured object rather different colours should be mixed in front of them and to be shown. Similarly for other concept learning.

Circle Time

Circle Time is a carefully planned time in which children can develop a wide range of skills and attitudes such as confidence, self-esteem and communication skills. It also helps children build their friendships and strengthens the relationship between the teacher and the students.

Role play

Role play is a great way to make children step out of their comfort zone and develop their interpersonal skills. This method comes handy when you are teaching literature, drama or history. For example a play should definitely be enacted in the class through roleplay.

Storyboard Teaching

Storyboarding is a great way to teach any subject which requires memorization or difficult visualization. Apart from ease of communication, this will again help students in developing their own storytelling techniques.

Stimulating Classroom Environment

Posters & paintings can help transform a dull classroom to an exciting place. These posters/charts can be changed depending on the illustration. It’s sometimes even alright to take the class in open spaces.
Therefore, the thinking of the children at all levels of ability is significantly influenced by the type of opportunities they are given. Offering learners the right chances of holistic development should be a priority of all preprimary schools. To foster innovative teaching, teacher should adopt different innovative teaching methods according to the diverse needs of the students. The innovative methods need to be implemented and should be modified according to the students’ needs.

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