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Innovative Ways to Boost Child Memory

Innovative Ways to Boost Child Memory
Effective and efficient memory is critical for reading and school success. Let us now know about different innovative ways to improve and boost kids’ memory

It is very important for teachers, parents and the rest of the world to understand that a child does not know at all what the word ‘MEMORY’ holds in meaning to them. But, to those who know even a bit clearly what is it all about cannot do away with seeking an answer to the question as to how to increase child memory. Before going haywire, it is important to test a child’s memory in a playful method as he/she does not know what is being looked for in him/her in terms of memory. Several memory tests are available online as well as with the teachers and counselors in schools and counseling centers. Parents, on the same balance can do a lot in this respect as they accompany their child for maximum hours in a day. Remember, undertaking ways to improve kids’ memory has to be on a continual basis and is not something which can handle intermittent breaks. Innovative Ways to Boost Child Memory Innovative Ways to Boost Child Memory

General memory implies retention and recollection of things or events in and of day to day life. For example, remembering acquaintances.

On the other hand, specific memory of a child is what he/she learns consciously or with effort. For example, mathematical tables.

There is also segregation between active and passive memory of a child. Active memory is a thing that is intentionally seeded into the brain or learned consciously like learning mathematical tables. Passive memory is what is not learned intentionally but the mind remembers it.

  • Big book reading program

Digital, colorful and attractive large prints in the form of text and images is always an impactful way of creating and maintaining a long term upshot

  • Child memory games

Memory games such as playing cards, thematic apperception tests (TAT’s), picture-cards, abacus should form a part of child’s learning

  • Simulated environment

Creation of a simulated environment, such as, taking a student to post office for his chapter on Post and Telegraph services of India

  • Make them eat healthy

A lot depends on food they intake. Brain is cognitive and biologically connected to the body too.

  • Real life examples

Giving real life examples while introducing a child to a concept makes the learning fun-filled.

  • Conduct memory test

Memory tests can be standardized if they are to improve general memory but customized tests have to be designed for each child’s specific needs.

  • Seek help from counselor

Counseling highlights the reasons behind the distorted memory and instruments together various ways to increase child memory.

  • Learning by doing

A hands-on experience is always a win-win for a child grasping new concepts. For example, it is better to visit an animal related NGO to feed the animals to learn and memorize ethical and moral concepts related to animal care. Isn’t it fun both to the learner and the facilitator?

  • Check information overload

A child’s mind is feeble and easily affected by both, good and the bad. More of any, not so feasible information, can create an information overload and the child might resort to memorizing unimportant information and dispensing important ones.

  • Audio visual support

We watch movies and remember stories and characters for years long. Wouldn’t this work for your child then? Make concepts associated with the audio-visual aids such as digital board videos and online learning games.

There is a difference between general and specific memory of a child and we need to exactly know what we are trying to fix in each individual case.

When we start to think over building, maintaining and developing a child’s memory, it’s no less than an exercise which will lay down the foundation of that young one

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