Interviews- Seetha murty

Why only eight boards joined the inter-board working group (IBWG)? What about the other boards?

The greatest need in the country is to unify the state boards.. Its 70 years since we got independence and we have come a long way in accommodating the varying learning needs and paces of different states.. We don’t anymore need different state boards.. Unless we create a collective body of boards, we will not have cohesive content for learning..

Is the NDA government nudging the Indian education system towards the one-size-fits-all concept?

I am not sure about that but I think they should work on collective vision for education.

Is there a hidden agenda behind this initiative?

At least I am happy with the momentum in thinking if not in action.

By centralising education, is the NDA government taking away the rights of the individual states?

Rights of the individual states need not be in content and curriculum design, it can be in accommodation, processes and policies, curriculum design and framework should be the same for all states and reservations.. Why compromise on the most essential part of education in the name of decentralisation?

What is likely to be the impact of this new initiative on teachers and students?

None of this will impact teachers and yes, students will have to face the discrimination based on which state they come from.. Some states have very easy systems while others have rigorous syllabi.. And at the end of it all of them carry a stamp of percentage and it is here that students are affected..

What new learning can be achieved through a common core curriculum for all major subjects?

At least, there will be clarity in purpose and unanimity in training.. Examination system will have a cohesive and collective direction..

By telling respective state boards to share question papers, is the government attempting to make CBSE a ‘Super Policing Body’?

It will be a very cosmetic and superficial process if question papers are changed.. We need to address the core question of why are there differences in syllabi.. How can CBSE evaluate or align the question paper of states which might be addressing some very local topics in history or basic standard of English? Even math topics are taught in different classes in different states.. This ‘question paper’ sharing will not resolve anything other than increasing the workload which will most certainly be a futile exercise..

Will the common core curriculum help students crack the national common entrance exams like NEET in a better way?

Yes.. That is the missing link in our country and that the reason coaching industry is thriving in our country..

Following the IBWG initiative, is the central government proposing to introduce NCERT books for all state boards for uniformity in teaching and learning?

I feel this might be one step towards common core curriculum..


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