Jaipur Based Edtech Startup Tinkerly Makes Monotonous Online Coding Classes Fun With A Blend Of STEM Toys

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Have you ever wondered that if you knew how to code you could have made a better, faster, and wealthier growth in your career? This is not something new we know but still, all of us don’t like to code, do you know why?

  • Many of us got exposed to coding after high school only.
  • Coding is perceived as if you have to sit in front of a computer for 10-15 hours.
  • You are a social person, coding requires you to work in isolation.

All the above facts are just myths now, with Tinkerly’s coding classes, kids can start learning coding at the age of 6. They can shut down their computer while building their own robot or AI Pet dog, and can take inspiration from thousands of other kids within its community of STEM enthusiasts.

Tinkerly – a  Jaipur based edtech startup has come up with a unique initiative of mixing the fun and hands-on learning experience to kids in monotonous Online coding classes by incorporating STEM toys as a part of their play-based curriculum. The company also enables custom learning to each child at his or her learning pace by the usage of a flipped classroom approach in their online courses. 

Founded by IIT Delhi and XLRI alumni, Tinkerly brings coding & STEM to young minds with superior pedagogy, blended learning, and play-based curriculum. Enabling an innovative journey for Grades 1-12 with their expert educators and focused lessons. Tinkerly has 200+ projects on coding, robotics, AI, and other STEM subjects benefitting 100K+ students with STEM learning content and Free mobile appLet’s Tinker’.

“It’s not essential for each child to learn coding or similar skills, but it’s worth tasting the flavor. Our aim is to create an environment where Coding is Love, not Fear, we created this play-based curriculum to unleash the true potential of each child” says Sharad Bansal, Co-founder & CEO, Tinkerly

Course Offerings

Tinkerly’s STEM Learning & Coding course covers all the grade-wise concepts of logic, AI, IoT & Coding for Grades 1 to 12. There are 4 basic divisions of Grade levels such as Grade(1-3), Grade(4-6), Grade(7-8), and Grade(8+). Each Grade consists of 2 class packages – Learner & Achiever.  

The Learner is a package for foundational learning which consists of 8 recorded lessons and 3 Live One-on-One  Sessions with expert educators. 

The Achiever package is a very special package that starts from foundational learning, followed by simulation-based projects and then real projects on AI, Robotics, and IoT. The Achiever package consists of 24 recorded lessons and 9 Live One-on-One Sessions with expert educators along with a special offering of 1 STEM kit.

Parents can choose the most suitable package according to their child’s potential and can schedule the Demo class for their child (Free of Cost) to make a decision about the course subscription. In addition to the paid course subscription, Tinkerly users will get lifetime Free access to various projects, community learning, and support on its Lets Tinker App.

 Best Alternative to Monotonous Online Coding Classes

Currently, there are several online coding curriculum providers such as Whitehat Jr,, Tynker, etc. One thing that’s common among all of them is that it’s entirely on-screen and there is very little scope of learning at one’s own pace.

There are 2 major differentiators: 

  1. It’s Flexible – In the flipped learning approach, there are recorded lessons and weekly Live classes in each course. This has two advantages such as:
  2. A) Students have the flexibility to learn whenever they want to.
  3. B) The Self-paced learning of the student will get promoted in the course. 

They can watch the recorded lessons and note down the doubts which they might be having and can clear these doubts by using the support section of the Let’s Tinker App to get in touch with the expert educator for guidance. The expert educator will then take a dedicated Online One-on-One live session to resolve the doubts and for the revision of the topic learned.

  1. It’s Fun & Engaging – The thing which differentiates Tinkerly is that the learning is not only limited to ordinary online classes but also goes beyond the screen with the help of STEM Toys. This way the student can also limit their screen time and experience the thrill of experiential learning with the help of STEM toys.The students who enroll in Tinkerly’s STEM Learning & Coding Course not only just learn the innovative technology like AI, IoT and robotics but also get trained by the expert educators (who are graduates from Top Tier institutes and have a good mentoring experience) to build their own NextGen Projects that can solve real-world problems. 

Recognitions and Vision

US’ largest STEM accreditation organization has accredited Tinkerly for its curriculum and allows Tinkerly’s students to achieve certification from it. Recently, NASSCOM featured Tinkerly among the top startups that are leading the AI revolution. In July 2020, Forbes India featured Sharad Bansal, Co-founder & CEO of Tinkerly in its web-series Education Evangelists of India.

“There are 250 million kids in India but currently coding courses in the market are priced too high to serve only the top 5% of them. Our aim is to provide equal opportunity to each and every learner irrespective of their socio-economic status. Tinkerly’s vast experience in setting up Tinkering labs in schools has given it this unfair advantage of using its own proprietary kits and curriculum to save a big pie of time and cost for scale.” adds Sharad

India is on its path to becoming a leading manufacturing and electronics hub that means millions of jobs in the hardware and software space. Tinkerly’s blend of STEM toys with its courses is an effort to develop a future-ready skill set that will be very helpful for kids of today to become innovators of tomorrow.

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