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Jamaica Schools Practice Robotics In Pedagogy


Spot Valley High School, English language teacher Shernette Richards-Francis, was fascinated by the balance of mathematics and science that robotics offers. Inception of the Spot Valley High School Robotics Club followed shortly after. Jamaica schools mainstream robotics to fuel students’ interest towards STEM education and noble inventions. In Jamaica, the curriculum also imparts pertinent life lessons to students such as fundraising, documentation, making presentations, and collaborations.

Alando Terrelonge, State Minister for Education, Youth and Information, remarks “There can be no future, no growth, no prosperity without ensuring that the youth of Jamaica are empowered and educated in the STEM-related fields… It provides a more practical approach to learning these subjects because they are developing robot.”

Jamaica Education System vouches for robust learning opportunities. Regular events and workshops have pulled largest number of schools under its ambit. Considering the rational roles robots are likely to play in the upcoming years, children are creating robots at an early age in Jamaica. Across the Jamaican schools, robotics has fostered a strong sense of community-based learning developing 21st century set of skills.

 Why robotics for Gen Z?

Students, who develop a complex attitude towards technology, could immensely benefit from it. Over time, as students contribute towards robot building, they will start appreciating their strengths and possibilities.  In K-12 learning environments, classrooms are positively impacted by the dynamics of technology. Robotics will churn an interactive learning session, project-based and personalized. Educators have opined in favour since a robotics curriculum can create future leaders and tech giants. In India, robotics in schools could remedy lack of relevant job skills in engineering and prepare more students towards STEM career fields. As a broadened subject, it throws fundamental questions about machines. For instance, a video from TED questions, “asks if robots can be creative.”

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