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Jamia Millia Switches to Tele-counselling for Students and Staff

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Jamia Millia staff and students will get access to counselling services under the supervision of the University Counselling and Guidance Centre. Jamia Millia Islamia will provide the essential services through Tele-counselling portal. The aim is to alleviate stress level of teaching and non-teaching members amidst cascading COVID-19 crisis.

A selected list of volunteers will be responsible to facilitate the tele-counselling process. Volunteers’ names are provided in the university website. At the helm of this service, lies the well-being of students and staff lodged in acute discomfort. Once implemented, the service will extend emotional well-being and support.

“We are committed to providing counselling services to facilitate the well-being (of staff and students) and extend emotional support to all who are distressed in the crisis,” read the University Counselling and Guidance Centre.

In the light of ongoing struggles to end the pandemic, members of the Jamia Teachers’ Association (JTA) will voluntarily make a donation from their one day’s salary to help those afflicted.

Previously Vice Chancellor Najma Akhtar had appealed to Jamia employees to contribute to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund. Jamia Milia schools and university were initially shut till March 31. However, till now the board examinations have not been rescheduled.

“Teachers should make study material available to students, who need any assistance, online. Teachers should contact the students via email for reference of study material available online,” commented the University.

Any kind of face-to-face interaction, gatherings and interactions inside the campus are prohibited by university authorities.

Till April 3, 2020, COVID-19 positive cases surged to 2543 with 53 confirmed deaths. Andhra Pradesh reported 43 new cases while the figures counted 20 in Madhya Pradesh, 19 in Maharashtra, 13 in Rajasthan, 8 in Gujarat, 4 in Karnataka and Assam, 3 in Punjab and 1 in Delhi.

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