Key Education Trends to watch out for in 2019


The World Development Report 2018 has warned of a learning crisis and India has a lot of issues to tackle. The report notes that millions of students lose the opportunity due to faulty system. Here are five key trends to watch out for.

Integrated learning solutions on a rise

It is fascinating to see schools, primarily in urban areas, embrace technology with an evolving interest. Still, a very large chunk has to taste its benefits due to the infrastructure and connectivity issues. Therefore, they still rely on the traditional ‘chalk and talk’ methodology of education.

India needs tailor-made education solutions that fall in line with the socio-economic-technological trio. Integrated learning solutions that smoothly combine the digital learning aids with print books appear to be a longer lasting solution for India. One therefore expects that these tools would significantly raise their demands in the coming years.

Embracing the tools of formative assessment

Learning outcomes have initiated several debates in the past few years by being one of the important aspects. Hence, the effort to incorporate assessment. But, expecting a mere selection of a theme of assessment as the answer to the problem would be naïve. The solution lies in selecting the right tool of assessment.

Conforming to the tradition, general assessment tools go for the short-timed remedy that tests just the recall of the basics, that too, at the conclusion of the school term. Contrarily, the formative tools of the assessment study personal and social abilities of the learners. They test the learners’ development alongside the delivery of the curriculum. The formative assessment solutions, hence, more suitably ensure that learning makes a productive impact. Moreover, these solutions provide an individualized sense of outcomes to the learners, thereby proving their adaptability. Expect these solutions to place their candidacy in the educational institutions of India, from 2019.

Revel on the diversity of languages

As per the World Development Report 2018, the trend to provide education on the bilingual basis is expected to rise in 2019. Making a pupil learn only in his/her second language will end the opportunity, for the educationists, to cover a greater number of learners, which would have been possible otherwise.

Making teachers more professional

Teachers should also be entrusted with shaping themselves up for the challenges posed by the technological leaps of the 21st century. This invariably translates to them getting equipped with methodologies that demand more incorporation of technology while raising their skills of lateral thinking via various programs on professional development.

Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Virtual/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) Digging Deeper

2019 would witness AI enabled computers generating big data from students. Similarly, children can enjoy a dolphin playing in deep waters inside their classroom. They may rip the belly of a virtual frog, thanks to the technology of VR/AR. Similarly, Indian classes may afford to have virtual peers for students, who will guide them in their studies, even in the absence of their teachers. So, roll up your sleeves for the upcoming excitements!

From the tools of integrated learning to those of the formative assessments to the benefits leveraged from incorporating teaching and learning in bilingual mode, we have covered the top 5 trends expected to rule the sphere of education in 2019.

rohit manglik

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