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Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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Kolkata Schools Inch towards Online Exams after Weeks of E-Classes


Schools in Kolkata are considering to conduct online examinations after six weeks of rigorous classes on the virtual platform. The exams are most likely to be scheduled over the next few days. Most of the schools are accommodating the exams into the summer recesses. Students are granted access to online libraries and data to access study materials in the wake of unavailability of textbooks.

Previously a host of other Indian colleges and universities are also looking towards tech-enabled proctoring ways in the midst of ongoing lockdown.  Several online assessment platforms have seen a rise among university campuses.

“The demand is not just from universities, it’s also from schools and other institutions,” commented Ankit Khandelwal, Director, Think Exam.

However, the move is met with vehement protests since many students are devoid of the necessary resources–  bandwith and strong connectivity. Students of Delhi University have also taken to social media to stand against the decision. # DUAgainstOnlineExams. The All India Forum to Save Public Education has also forged alliance with more than 30 student bodies to stand against conduct of online examination now that schools and colleges are considering to adopt the model.

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