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KR Mangalam World School, Greater Kailash II, New Delhi

Name of the School               :            KR Mangalam World School

Board                                        :            CBSE

Type                                          :            Day School

Address                                    :            S Block, Greater Kailash II, New Delhi, Delhi 110048

Classes                                    :            Nursery –  XII Grade

About the School                   :           

The concept of ‘Our World’ forms the basis of K.R. Mangalam. Learning, irrespective of the source, is learning that K.R. Mangalam derives from the world over, to educate and inspire children towards achievement. Every country, every place, every religion, every action and every reaction teaches us something. K.R. Mangalam is a continuous process of amalgamation- amalgamation of strengths of the newer things that happen in our own world, of things that have happened in the past and of things that can happen in the future. Civilizations, religions, cultures, habits, people, places and events that have changed the course of mankind are the core subjects of knowledge.

Brainfeed School Excellence Award  Category :

1. CBSE School,
2. Best Techno Smart school of the Year,
3. Best Community and Collaboration School,
4. Excellence in life skills Education.

Source: School Website

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