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La Montessori School – Dhalpur Kullu

La Montessori School

Name of the School               :              La Montessori School

Board                                        :              CBSE

Type                                          :              Day School

Address                                    :             The Mall, Hospital Rd, Dhalpur, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh 

Classes                                    :              Nursery –  XII Grade

Mobile no                                :              01902 222 626

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Excellence Award
category                                 :             1. CBSE School
                                                               2. Best  Community & Collaboration School
                                                               3. Excellence in  Innovative Practices                                                            

Website                                :                http://www.lms.org.in/

About the School               :           

Education makes a great difference to a society as is clear from our efforts since 1995. LMS is a centre for learning and growth. It was my dream to set up an institution which imparts a high level of education to its pupil not just with the conventional methods but with state-of-the-art technology to empower learning. This institution has always been a trendsetter.

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