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Learn Everything You Need to Know From This Video Editing 101

Video Editing 101

While we can’t cover every possible scenario while inducting someone into the world of video editing, there is a lot of information that you should know when you first begin. Hence, here we have put together some vital information about video editing.

In this post, we bring you vital information about video editing. If you are a beginner, these seven tips will be on the right track. Even if you have some experience in video editing, you will find the information we have provided here quite useful.

Successful Video Editing Involves a Mix of Talent and Knowledge

When you first start, the entire process of video editing seems overwhelming and highly technical. But video editing is a major part of making a good video. By shooting a video, your job is only half done. The rest lies in good video editing. Good video editing with the help of a good slideshow maker which offers spectacular slideshow presentations is beneficial if you follow these basic tips:

What Kind of Videos Do You Expect to Edit?

You will find that you need different things for different types of videos. If you have shot a family video of a family event like a birthday celebration, your editing may be restricted to reducing long, monotonous sections and splicing together the highlights.

If your videos are of a more professional nature like a YouTube video or something that you want to post on Instagram, you may have to use more video editing techniques, to make your videos more engaging and presentable.

Even short videos like a 15-second ad video may involve using numerous editing techniques. A longer video may contain such captivating footage that you may hardly need to edit it.

Install Video Editing Software

Nowadays, video editing has become a simplified process with the unlimited supply of downloadable video editing software. But all programs are not created equal. There is a vast price range from free to expensive, with varying levels of complexity.

As a beginner, you should identify programs that are user-friendly and learning-oriented. The best approach would be to start with free trial versions. Once you are comfortable with the basic package, you could upgrade by paying for more features.

Whatever your knowledge or experience you have in video editing; the first stage is to have some useful video editing software available to you.

Ensure You Have Basic System Requirements

With so many different categories of devices and operating systems, compatibility issues are common. For using video editing software on your system or devices, each program has specific operating requirements.

Check the system requirements with the version details that come with the program. You have two options. You can upgrade your system to suit system requirements (sometimes this becomes necessary). Or choose compatible software.

In any case, you need to check the compatibility of the software. Some programs only work on iOS, others only on Windows or Linux, and others are compatible with all operating systems.

Organize Your Files and Folders

Being organized with files and folders seems to be a personal preference – some people are systematic, while some are not. But if you are editing videos regularly, your saved date should be instantly available to you with the click of a mouse button.

If you don’t save your data systematically, then you stand to lose vital data and some of your files could even become corrupted. When you save data, cultivate the habit of storing it in correctly-labelled files and folders for easy identification later on.

Once you create a filing system, you will find that accessing information is faster. As a result, you will find that you can work faster and more efficiently.

Music Selection

Music is often a neglected aspect of video editing. Most videos start with a catchy intro music track, even before the actual video starts. Even a mediocre video can capture the attention of viewers if the music is catchy and appropriate.

Pay particular attention to the music you select for your video. If you have InVideo software installed on your system, you can try the royalty-free stock music from their audio library. Use a variety of soundtracks throughout your video.

You can download software that lets you filter music on the basis of waveform. With such a program, you can highlight a particular aspect of a piece of music.

Go Easy on the Effects

The impression that most people get about video editing is that it is mostly about using special effects. Most video editing programs boast about the impressive special effects and transitions that you can apply to your videos.

Overdoing special effects can have a negative impact on your video. While transitions play an important role, you can use other techniques like using color filters and arranging your video clips in a sequence that will be more appealing.

The bottom line here is to balance special effects and transitions with other techniques that you will learn more about as you gain more experience.

Last Not Least – Be Creative!

The single most important thing about good video editing is to develop a creative eye in everything you do. All the techniques in the world will not make a quality video if you don’t add a personal and creative touch to your work.

Being creative comes more out of instinct than from technical knowledge or experience. Use your imagination to add a dissolve or fade in or fade out of the soundtrack at the appropriate moment.

Learn to be intuitive about your work. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. If your gut tells you that you need to add that extra 30 seconds to your video, you probably should. Creativity comes from the heart and soul and cannot be taught.

You Can Do Great Video Editing with the Right Approach

All programs do not do everything for you, which is why you may need to use a variety of video editing software programs. For instance, one site will offer the best intro maker software, while another one may be good for transitions.

Furthermore, you may not use all the features of a program in a single video, but it is important to know what is available for you when you need it. If you have the basics in place, there is no knowing the heights you may reach in your video editing skills!

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