Learn Management the Hard Way: By Doing it!-Shrey Surya Mishra

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With a turnover of 200 crores and 600+ workforce, Shrey stands as a page of inspiration for many in the field of education. His interview with Higher Education Plus is a peep into the thought-processes followed by this 24 year old champ.

Q. What kind of hard-work was involved behind the success of Nerdy Academy?

We followed our work routines religiously, through experiments & experiences. I believe, Ideas are over-hyped, the way one executes is magic.

The hard work involved behind Nerdy was smart & an evolving one. We replaced people with processes. If the composition of the mind is correct, then, doing more than you think is just the right thing for you.

Q. What were the specific set of challenges you saw in the education sector?

There was a desperate need for private tutors. People were fed up of one tutor teaching 50 students at a time in the prospect of making more money. We followed the Ed-tech market closely & shaped our module according to the need of our clients. Learning by doing helped.

Q. Could you shed some light on services you offer for your customers?

Nerdy Academy is a professional home tuition service provider for students classes from Nursery to 12. We revolutionize the tutoring industry with one-to-one education. With a workforce of 200 tutors in each city, Nerdy is growing, one city at a time. Our tutors are wide & versatile in their qualifications & designations. We aim to cover the globe. We’ll make learning personalized.

If the composition of the mind is correct, then, doing more than you think is just the right thing for you.

Q. How do you spend your typical day as an entrepreneur?

I sleep at 6 am. I wake up at 11 am and reach office by 12:00 pm. I have meetings, interviews, planning, checking scheduled for the day. While, 70% of my day is planned, 30% depends on situations. I attend meetings with a smile. My people love me. I have “people-oriented” work in my day time. I hit the gym after completing office by 11 pm. I start my day at 1 am again. Work for 4 hours in private & then go to sleep. I take a good diet to keep myself energetic throughout the day. I spend 3 hours of my day reading & not more than 20 mins on Instagram. I write daily.

Q. If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Entrepreneurs need to be need driven and greed driven.
Motivation is a concept. Do more than you think.

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