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Learning About Stellar Nursery- A Flock of New-born Stars in Sky

Stellar Nursery

A star or stellar nursery is just what it sounds like! Cluster of infant stars and stars that are not fully formed yet. The closest nursery to our galaxy is Sharpless 29, 5,5000 light-years away and located in the constellation Sagittarius. Inside, baby stars coddle together through millions of years. As harmless as the idea of infant stars could be, these groups of kids spit goblets of fire and burst frequently! Each star has a high level of ultraviolet light that glitters like millions of floodlights put together.

In these nurseries are hot dense clouds of gas and dust crushing under the weight of their own gravitational pull. Star  nurseries are never quite! They are in a chaotic process of birthing new stars and colours from gasses and dust. Within the nursery ecosystem, young stars could be a million year old— still younger than our solar system.

Hubble Space Telescope had photographed another stellar nursery called Lagoon Nebula in jolly pink and yellow colours.

Lagoon Nebula radiates blistering heat and stellar winds although the region appears like a fantasyland of colours. Through Hubble, scientists were successful in stealing a sneak peak at young stars shining brightly inside the nursery. The massive dust and gas, however, prevents a crystal clear picture.

The entirety of stellar nurseries are not visible through telescopes. Each nursery has Bok Globules or regions with clumps of dust surrounding the stars still forming. Interestingly, at the centre of Lagoon Nebula, are lanes and by lanes populated by stars bright and young. Just like a colourful city, right? Even Hubble Space cannot penetrate through these regions. They remain mysterious and unknown, filled with hidden gems of science.


A star could take 10 million years to form. Roughly 150 billion stars are born annually in the entire universe, about 4800 stars per second!

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