Learning is for happiness, it is for life

Ms. Aarati Savur CEO of Parisar Asha

Ms. Aarati Savur CEO of Parisar Asha about how to maneuver through times of Covid19 and after.

Parisar Asha was founded in 1982 by Late Gloria D’souza with the belief of imparting education which not based on rote learning but is based on experiential learning because learning should be for life and not for passing examinations and scoring but for happiness. We need to work on value development and knowledge development among students. I have joined the Parisar Asha 26 years ago because I also have faith in the same thoughts as the Founder. Having worked for 10 years at Parisar Asha, before moving on to the corporate and finally again coming back to where I have begun, have been an interesting and long journey fulfilling my purpose of life.

Talking about the immense transformation in the education system, she pointed out that in spite of the government talking about digital education system for a long time, unfortunately though many schools have smart classes were not able to utilize the infrastructure in the way it should have been for students. The suitable way has to be a combination of teaching through teacher’s involvement with students as teachers are irreplaceable in education system using the available devices. The human interaction is essential for schooling. With technology usage teachers today are making a lot of effort to conduct classes over Zoom, Google meet etc. available facilities like never before.

Guiding students in their mental health, she said that uncertainty is a part of life. The best way to deal with this is learning to accept whatever comes in our way, adapt to the situation, appreciate things that you have, your family, your situation, to be happy and be positive and passionate to the things you do in life. Also learn to collaborate, do critical thinking and learn to communicate. And finally students need to have discipline in life, and this applies to the entire family because children learn by observing and it is important that families live in such a way that discipline gets ingrained in the child’s life effortlessly.

Moving on to the role of teachers she said teachers need to be passionate about their work and try to bring a holistic development in every child. However, regrettably every school in the country is not the same, be it public or private school. The attitude and environment is different from school to school. The sad part of the present scenario is that parents also do not trust schools and send their children to tuition classes. Nonetheless, with the pandemic every reality is visible and what matters now is how we pick it up from here. Nevertheless, we need to have compassion, and training for teachers, because they build the future of the nation.