RANGOLI Group is a fast pacing group which keeps up with the trends and global needs. Though we have only been in educational industry from last one decade but still the secret of our tremendous growth lies in the prompt acceptance of the changing educational needs and the inclusion of the same.

The first week of pandemic pushed us in a valley of uncertainty. We at RANGOLI, are a strong believer of the phrase “LEARNING NEVER STOPS”. Hence, we pulled up ourselves quickly and worked on various plans to reach the teachers, parents and our students. Of course, technology was the only solution out and we started experimenting with it and overcame the hurdles soon with online interactive technology. Pandemic situation really created quite a low admission rate as parents had various problems which included fear, finance, device, internet facilities, being less tech-savvy etc.  But we continuously started collecting the data and monitored the students. We made a lot of efforts to convince our parents to let the students keep learning with our new normal way through technology of online interactions. Each and every issue of parents was catered with empathy and patience.

We began the training for our teachers and then extended the same to our parents and students. Now everything at our schools is going on smoothly with the use of technology. The initial glitches of this pandemic has definitely made us more techno-savvy and opened a horizon for us to explore more. Even in today’s world of uncertainty where the schools and colleges are not sure, when to get fully functional physically, our students are able to access all the educational facilities at home without any difficulty.

Online PTMs were conducted to interact with the parents to inform the progress of the students for the online interactive classes. Various online activities were also conducted for students which they enjoyed doing. The social media helped us to showcase the various activities we conducted online and hence helped us to gain the confidence of our parents and helped in admission rate.

We are glad that what we were already emphasizing has now come in form of NEP 2020. RANGOLI schools work on futuristic “4 Petal Pedagogy” which emphasizes holistic development of students with the equal importance to Humanities, Physical Education & Sports, Life Skills along with Academics. Most important again the school logo also quotes a beautiful Sanskrit line “Sarvatonmukh Vikasa” which literally means “Holistic development”. We are well aligned with the vision for global trends, which is included in NEP 2020 and preparing our students for the same and hence giving them the opportunity to be future ready citizens and get ample career options.

ECCE made compulsory and to be integrated with school education will definitely impact early education of children in India. The holistic approach in school and the provision of multiple entry and exit options in higher education will give more flexibility to students to hone their skills and interests. Though there are few discrepancies like the language of teaching which will make it a bit difficult for other state students but overall NEP 2020 will do have great impact for the coming generation.

Schools and preschools will be having equal importance in upcoming years. Parents who always looked down on preschools will be able to understand the importance of it. Schools will definitely be more diverse in opportunities for students as they will be able to choose what they want. Lot of infrastructural changes will be required though but for sure, it will be for a better and positive change. Students are also learning the new trends in education. However, it becomes difficult to socialize online but this has created a way forward for them to understand the minutest details of learning online, which will again help them to confidently learn on e-platforms for higher education as well.

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Kanan Shah


Kanan Shah