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Life Skills, a Lesson by Pandemic for Precarious Times

life skills

COVID-19 pandemic is synonymous to hurdles. Here’s a road map that designs the way to absorb the power of life skills and stand unwithered


According to World Health Organisation, having life skills means having the abilities for ADAPTIVE and POSITIVE behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. These are unprecedented times. Nobody knows for how long we would have to live like this – confined to the four walls of our homes. This uncertainty is what is precisely responsible for testing our patience and resilience. Therefore, a life skill that emerges to be the most crucial in such times is patience.

#1 Patience

Having patience puts you in the right state of mind to process what’s happening around you. By processing a situation patiently, you are in a position to make a rational choice even in tough times. This further keeps you from making a situation worse than it already is.

 #2 Creative Thinking

Moreover, being patient, you would be able to find creative ways to get out of a problem. Having life skills develops your brain in such a way that creative thinking becomes second nature to you – another important life skill. In times of crisis like this, being able to think creatively could really prove to be a virtue.

#3 Self-Discipline

A lot of what is happening around us is beyond our control. What is, in fact, in our control is how we choose to deal with it. Life skills teach you to do exactly that – deal with challenges in the most efficient manner. In the present situation specifically, to deal with the pandemic, it is imperative that we all be self disciplined. The importance of self discipline could not have been highlighted more than it is now. Given the circumstances, there is a lack of routine in most people’s lives. That means one can easily fall into a vicious cycle of unhealthy habits. However, self discipline helps keep your routine in check. It keeps you motivated and helps you stay on track. Having self discipline eliminates the requirement to have someone constantly tell you what is right and what is wrong.

Also, the stress and anxiety arising from the uncertain nature of this pandemic can be tackled, to some extent, with the help of self discipline. For example, studies continue to show a positive correlation between exercising and reduced stress levels. It also helps build focus and concentration, especially for kids who might otherwise be finding that hard to cultivate. Ultimately, the key to a healthy life is being able to build healthy habits.

#4 Empathy

Life skills also play a huge role in imparting values that make us more human; and that is exactly what is needed in times of crisis. This is a daunting time for all of us. The need of the hour is to be empathetic and cooperative towards each other. There are people out there, who are still working, because their profession requires them to. Whether it’s the medical staff, the police personnel, or the local vendors, we must show compassion towards them. Developing life skills means developing a deep understanding of one’s self, which further makes it easier to understand others and cooperate with them. Self awareness also constitutes a crucial part of life skills. It helps you first in identifying your emotions and then managing those emotions efficiently. This way, life skills teach to you to cooperate with others, consider their needs and be a better human in general.

Moreover, a deep understanding of self also enables you to take rational decisions, without being carried away by impulsive feelings.

#5 Communication

In the corporate world, ‘Work from Home’ seems to be the buzzword these days. While some are enjoying it more than the conventional mode of work, others are finding it extremely hard to cope with the drastic change in work atmosphere. Life skills help deal with that too. Apart from the basic skills of being patient, disciplined and self aware, another life skill that proves to be of immense importance in such a situation is being able to communicate effectively. Having this skill ensures you are able to communicate through your laptop screen with the same efficiency as you did in the real work setup.

Life skills teach you to embrace any sort of change, without compromising on your productivity

So, in a professional setup, those who possess such a skill set would certainly stand out from those who don’t.

The only thing certain about the present situation is its uncertainty!

#6 Optimism

Lastly, it all boils down to having a positive outlook towards life. There is a flood of negative news from all around the globe and we are all susceptible to the feelings of despair and helplessness. Life skills help instil a positive mindset and one feels optimistic regardless of the external factors. This optimistic mindset is what helps people sail through such times, even when everything seems to be going awry. So, optimism is a way of life we must all strive for!

Inputs By: Rohan Datta, Master Life Skills & Personality Development Coach, Mentor, Passionate Group of Companies, Co-Founder, IXL Transformers


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