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Lotus Lap School of Hyderabad celebrates the Investiture Ceremony 2018 on the Independence Day. One of the students, Varshith Krishna of Class 9, shares the importance of this ceremony in order to inculcate leadership skills within future leaders.

Investiture is the formal installation of an Incumbent. In the United States and other countries, the ceremonial signing in of judges, including those of the supreme court, is called Investiture. Investiture can include formal dress and adornment such as robes of state or headdress, or other regalia such as throne or seat of office. An investiture is also often part of a coronation rite of enthronement. It was prevalent in the middle ages. The programmes like investiture ceremony are momentous school functions for laying the foundation of the culture which eventually churn out leaders of future. This programme is celebrated in all the schools where the student has to develop leadership qualities and keep the school flag flying high forever. The investiture ceremony is one of the most important events of any school. It is here that we entrust faith and hope in our newly appointed school council. Every student who obtained leadership role feels proud and responsible citizen.

Here are the pictures of the Investiture Ceremony 2018 celebrated at The Lotus Lap Public School, Hyderabad

The celebration of that day makes every child feel proud as well as sense of responsibility to be leaders in making for tomorrow. It is a proud moment to stand as leaders before their fellow mates. The school commences the scholastic year with pomp and aura of the investiture ceremony of the student’s council. The members of council don on smart, formal apparel, who introduce themselves to shoulder their responsibilities. The chief guest leads them to the oath-taking ceremony and enables the leaders, realize their responsibilities and to be human. The solemn occasion prevails as the badges are pinned by the chief guest of the day and speeches of Assurance by head boy and head girl. Then the club secretaries perform their relevant actions. Then all the leaders on the dais take the oath at the commencement of the investiture ceremony. Then the Badges are followed by the oath taking ceremony. This programme is celebrated where the leaders get their lessons in the leadership from the schools where they serve as captains, prefects and more. In our school, this programme was celebrated on 15th August 2018. Investitures are also held in other Commonwealth realms when the governor. General acts on behalf of the Queen. In the UK, around 2600 people are invested by Queen Elizabeth II or Any member of the royal family.



Varshith Krishna

IX Albert Einstein

Lotus Lap High School,

Saroornagar Branch



India has an incredible scope of providing the world with skillful leaders. Practices like investiture ceremony in schools will help the young generation to explore their capabilities for success, inbuilt respect for national leaders of the past and prepare themselves for the future responsibilities towards their nation.

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