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Lucky Surana Founder Mind Ventures International

Startup : Mind Ventures
Founder : Lucky Surana
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Mind Ventures International focuses on ‘After School Program’ and aims to nurture future leaders through technology and application based learning since 2001. Its multi-faceted programs, Tech Z (Learning through the use of Technology), KTC (the Funtellect Club – Application based learning), and Skill Z (Where Learning is Fun), are ‘Edutainment’ i.e. education + entertainment, and aim at developing the soft skills of children aged 3yrs – 16 yrs. Over the last two decades we have trained and impacted more than 10000 children.

MVI has collaborated with CAL, a Singapore based company providing ICT Skills, for the curricula and resources which have been further customized according to generic requirement of the child in a particular age group. MVI are pioneers in sharpening Programming Languages like Java, C++ for ICSE & CBSE Board Students with cent percent results.

STEAM is gaining popularity

Whiteboards are yet to supersede traditional blackboards and most strikingly all desks still face forwards with the teacher at the front.

Core subjects are being rethought and focus is steering towards skills that will equip today’s learners for tomorrow’s world.Problem-solving, communication, presentation, negotiation, collaboration and creative thinking skills are being infused into classrooms for effective learning. In short change is on the anvil.For instance, STEAM, an innovative educational approach that incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics and is gaining popularity the world over.

STEAM removes limitations and replaces traditional education with wonder, critique, inquiry, and innovation. But STEAM without Skills is an incomplete cycle.

MVI adds another ‘S’ to STEAM

Students in STEAM programs may have more experiential learning opportunities,but they are limited to only science, technology, engineering, art and math. Integrating ‘Skills’ completes the cycle of learning where children are taught to collaborate, critically think, negotiate, and enhance their communication.

In the future, academics alone won’t determine a child’s success. It will be the life skills of motivation and perseverance. It demands strength and ability to see things through. And today that’s what companies look at too. Grades are important but creativity and potential are more.

At this school program 8-9 yr olds are actively coding; developing apps on android and interacting with Java.Certain key insights for Edu Startups is that they they need to have long term vision, passion, patience, entrepreneurial skills and the grit to deliver best quality education.

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