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Maharaja Agrasen Model School, Pitampura, Delhi


Name of the School               :            Maharaja Agrasen Model School

Board                                        :            CBSE

Type                                          :            Day School

Address                                    :            CD Block, Pitampura, Delhi – 110034

Classes                                    :            Nursery –  XII Grade

About the School                   :           

The Motto of our school is a prayer from the depth of the heart eulogizing the Almighty to take us from ‘asat’ to ‘sat’ i.e. from the untruth to the truth. It is a prayer that leads one from darkness to light and brings one closer to God. As Mamsians, we grow up with a belief that God is one and omnipresent.

Brainfeed School Excellence Award  Category :

1. International School,
2. CBSE School,
3. Best Green Building Schools,
4. Excellence in Sports  Education,
5. Best Community & Collaboration School.

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