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Maharashtra Schools Lack Assurance in Starting Academic Year


Even as classes in Maharashtra schools were set to commence from June 15, schools lack clarity over reopening for the state government is yet to issue any directive on the matter. The state education department has not responded to the press regarding academic year 20-21.

“We have absolutely no clarity on what the government wants us to do. As circular is issued in the matter, we asked teachers to try and come once a week on a rotational basis and do some work related to the creation of learning content in the school. But we can’t pressurise teachers to come, especially considering the lack of transport options available to them,” commented Prashant Redij, spokesperson of the Mumbai Principals Association.

Many schools in the state are resorting to their self-made schedules for the lack of proper guidelines on the subject.

“We are currently planning to teach for two hours a day until the government gives us clear instructions,” said the principal of a school in the state.

As per the SOPs issued by the education department, students of class III-V should be allocated online classes for up to 1 hour a day. Students from classes VI to VII will be allocated slots spanning over 2 hours a day. Classes stretching a maximum of 3 hours a day will be assigned to students from class IX to XII. Schools are required to stick to SOPs until they can resume physical classes.

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