Mangaluru students to create electricity from vehicles and rainwater on highways
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Mangaluru students to create electricity from vehicles and rainwater on highways

Civil Engineering students of KLE Society’s C I Munavalli Polytechnic College in Hubballi, Karnataka have innovated a way to generate electricity from moving vehicles and rainwater on highways. This is a great response to the statement that all villages in India have access to electricity while the current scenario is entirely different as almost 200 million people in India still lack access to electricity.

Pruthviraj S Sarangmath and Prasanna Kalkoti, two final-year students of the college named their project ‘Strategies for enhancing local water bodies with the production of electricity through water and Enlil turbines’. These are smart vertical axis wind turbines that turn highways into renewable energy sources. They were the first prize winners of Indian International Science Festival (IISF) at Lucknow.

Pruthviraj stated that “The turbine works on wind power. These are vertical axis turbines and when wind passes through them it turns in a circular motion due to which electric energy is produced. The best place for the implementation of Enlil turbines is on highways or roads where vehicular traffic is more. Due to the movement of vehicles, the turbines will start rotating and thus produce power. These turbines can produce 1KW power per hour, which can be stored and later used to power street lights and also provided to nearby villages.”

He also explained that “The rainwater run-off has increased and groundwater recharge has declined. As the roads are built sloped towards the sides, rainwater falling on the road is guided to the side drains. The rainwater which is then collected from the drain is made to fall from a certain height into the tanks that help to produce a certain amount of electricity through dynamo and stored for use later.”

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