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Monday, July 13, 2020
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Mars Cemetery to Host Green Cremation for Human Colonies

The death garment

As project Mars Colonisation gathers momentum, performing death rites on Mars is no longer just a sci-fi disaster. It is going to actualise quite soon! A company dealing in space technology has chalked out elaborate funeral plans on Mars. The human corpse would be covered in a special death garment to speed up decomposition process. Wrapped in layers, the white garment would slowly metamorphose into a dark grey color. Designed by Hastings and Interlandi, it is 100% biodegradable and spewed out of protein from silkworms.

The Death Garment

The “Garments of the Grave” collection features a translucent veil through which the deceased’s face could be seen- fading away slowly. The first layer is an undergarment, the second is a flowing garment in silk and the third garment is silk wrapped around the body and face. Elaborate clothing, designed by J.J Hastings, would turn the body into raw materials which could be reused on Mars. However, the death garment or “human recycler” is going through continuous experimentation for further add-ons.

Since human body is comprised of minerals such as carbon, salt and water, when decomposed it could tremendously benefit the planet. If Mars host a colony of 1 million people, it should be sustainable such by which the planet could be benefited. The idea of biodegradable cremation is in sync with the shortage of raw materials on the planet. It is also estimated that possibilities of creating new raw materials are meagre.

Recycling the deceased

The decomposition process will support flora and producing food to sustain humans. It might catapult the process of growing food for a thriving 1 million people on Mars. This fading out of a gentler kind has been hailed better than tossing bodies in tight clothes into the coffin. “The closing of the coffin is often too abrupt and too hard and too sudden,”, Pia Interlandi, co-designer of the death garment.

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