MDAE becomes India’s only institute to offer specialization in Data Analytics

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Mumbai, March 22, 2019: Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics (MDAE), India’s top institute for post-graduate academic learning in Economics, became the only institute in the country to offer a specialization in Data Analytics as a part of its Post-graduate course in Economics, an inclusion that has found a high number of takers within a short span of time. The specialization includes three modules comprising Machine Learning, Time Series and Advanced Econometrics as it equips students with a host of skills in Data Analytics, a segment that has become the buzzword across industries today. The course is unique in the sense that it offers students a chance to understand Data Analytics from the perspective of economics, equipping them to tackle real-world problems by implementing a combination of technical know-how powered by the logical understanding achieved by applying economic knowledge and insights.

The specialization has boosted the job prospects of the students significantly. In fact, some of those who opted for Data Analytics specialization have already secured jobs across several established enterprises such as Decimal Point Analytics, Fractal Analytics, Mu-Sigma and Think Analytics. These students have been able to get these jobs even without having a background in Engineering, Mathematics or Statistics, thanks to a comprehensive learning and industry-relevant practical simulation offered by MDAE. This underlines the high industry compatibility of the syllabus which takes a deep-dive into several important topics including formulating and testing statistical hypothesis, working with Big Data and the ability to program in R, Python and SQL.

Commenting on the value add that the specialization would provide for aspirants and its growing importance in the current dynamic business environment, Karan Shah, COO, MDAE said, “Today, students and young professionals often feel like they have the aptitude for Economics and data, but not the right experience to be confident enough to land jobs in the field. This is where MDAE’s Data Analytics specialization steps in.  Through a detailed, holistic and relevant focused curriculum divided in 3 modules, we aim to equip students with skills that are one of the most sought-after in today’s job scenario. However, it does not lose focus on the main context of economics and it is through the lens of this subject that Data Analytics is taught at MDAE, enriching the student at a much higher level than just imparting skills.”

Elaborating on the specialization’s impact on a prospective candidate’s job prospects, he further said, “This will help them to pursue lucrative careers in the field, regardless of their initial academic background. The various subjects within the specialization is geared towards preparing students for jobs in data analytics in diverse sectors such as FMCG, retail, consulting and e-commerce. A number of our students have secured jobs in firms like Decimal Point Analytics, Fractal Analytics, Mu-Sigma, and Think Analytics, based on the skills they have acquired. It is definitely an effective choice for those looking to acquire applied skills in an academic environment to further their professional development.”

Commenting on the impact the course has had, Mr. Roopank Chaudhary, Partner at a leading consulting firm and Advisory Board Member at MDAE said, “As per the feedback we have received, MDAE’s alumni have found great success in their careers post pursuing the specialization at the institute. The companies that have recruited them have also informed us that the alumni have performed exceptionally well and show unique skills that will help their firms grow. This in itself proves that MDAE’s rigorous curriculum and mentorship helps in preparing students for their future jobs.”

Data Analytics is one of the three specializations that the academy provides during the second semester of the academic year, as part of MDAE’s Post-Graduate Diploma in Economics. Through this, students not only acquire industry relevant knowledge but are also able to hone their understanding of how to implement data analytics in particular situations and use cases. This makes them the most sought-after candidates for every enterprise, as students from MDAE not only know what Data Analytics is, but also possess the intellect to understand when and how to use it for the optimum benefit of an enterprise or economy. 

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