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App Cheers for Green India , Meet 15 YO Educationist and App Developer Krithik

Brainfeed in association with The First Step converses with Krithik, 15 YO student at KRM Public School, Chennai, educator, recipient of Promising Indians’ Award and Founder of Futura Robotics


Please share with us your journey as a student, app developer and entrepreneur.

Futura Robotics was established when I was in grade VIII with the dream of training students from grade I to VIII robotics at the basic, intermediary and advanced level. During my term holidays, I conducted summer camps and robotics workshops for eager learners of all age groups. My journey with Robotics started with S P Robotics Works when I was eight. I had completed three levels paced over three years within one year. It was here at SPRW that I fuelled my interest in Robotics. Within the next five years, I plan to expand Futura Robotics, inculcate the passion for learning Robotics within students and work on technology to make it accessible to all. So far, I have bagged nine national awards, seven state awards and one nomination for an international award.

Who is your inspiration?

When I was younger, Grandpa taught me how to glow a broken indicator light. I would like to acknowledge the founders of SPRW and my mentors at SP Maker Lab. My teachers, principal, parents and CEO sir who provided me a full scholarship at school and supported me at each step.

Receiving the Promising Indians’ Award from Shri Pranab Mukherjee, former President of India. It is one of the proudest moments of my life.

Please tell us about the apps you created.

The first app I developed was for Futura Robotics to integrate the website into the app. My second assignment was a Mix Chat—a chat app. I created Green for nature lovers to socialise with each other. Each time the members contribute something good to nature, we will receive a positive point on the app. The fourth app, QR Reader, was to scan QR and Barcodes– a practical invention for our everyday use. All the apps are available on Google Play.

How did you zero down on the ideas for these apps?

I was introduced to the idea of developing Mix Chat with the help of a social media platform where I saw several posts on rewarding competitions and app developing events which pulled in many participants. The same idea was integrated into the making of Green that recognises and honours people each time they offer help to nature. My goal was to organise the entire campaign of planting trees. I have seen how people have been struggling for increasing green cover to undo the negatives of deforestation. Green encourages people to plant a sapling, take its picture and send it to us on the app. We then review the picture and confer upon the senders appropriate rewards.



Amidst such a plethora of achievements and success, which is the best moment of your life? 

I travelled to Delhi and met Prerna Singh ma’am, Founder of Promising Indian Society, to receive the Promising Indians’ Award from Shri Pranab Mukherjee, former President of India. It is one of the proudest moments of my life.

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