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MHRD Issues Guidelines on Education of Migrant Workers’ Children

Education of Migrant Workers’ Children

The HRD Ministry on Tuesday issued guidelines to union territories and states for the education of migrant workers’ children who have returned to their homes during the COVID-19 lockdown. Additionally, schools have been asked not to wipe out the names of these students.

States have been mandated to prepare a database of these children who had previously returned from neighbouring states. These children should be mentioned in the list as “migrated” or “temporarily unavailable” as per the directives of MHRD.

“Such a database may be prepared by each school by personally contacting parents or guardians of all children studying in their school, through phone, WhatsApp, neighbours, or peer groups. Their tentative place of stay during this period may also be noted. Such children, who have left, maybe shown separately in enrolment as temporarily unavailable or migrated,” read the MHRD guideline.

Schools are responsible to provide admissions to any such students without seeking other documents such as transfer certificates except for ID proof. the decision will mitigate the wide-scale damage inflicted on education in state by COVID-19.

“While all care must be taken to ensure that their names are not struck off the rolls (as the possibility of their return anytime is always there), their numbers may be reported class-wise to the Directorate of Education to compensate for any input costs to be incurred by the school such as mid-day meals, distribution of textbooks and uniforms if not already completed,” further mentioned the guidelines.

All the information provided by parents should be considered true during the time of admission in the neighbourhood government or aided schools.

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