Ministry of Education blamed for brainwashing Sec 1 students

student brainwash

While Singapore removes the class ranking system and brings a historic reformation in the assessment methodology, the people worldwide praise this move.

However, a wave of rage erupts among the Netizens, as reported by SG Huffe, when one of the Facebook users- Tony Keng Hong Tan shares this image…


Do we need such a provocative article for a Secondary 1 Geography examination? end of the year examination for this year. To teach the younger generations hatred against our neighbour!” He questions on the worldwide web.

This picture of reflects the question paper final examination question paper of Sec 1 students. According to SG Huffe Singapore news, “Citing an article adapted from the Asia Times, the test asks students to explain what imported water is, to describe the issues Singapore faces with imported water, to provide one advantage of imported water and to explain a method with which Singapore ensures it has sufficient water.”

Some citizens do back this format stating that there’s nothing wrong in teaching students about the current affairs and environmental scenario they are supposed to survive in, however, many blasted the Ministry of Education for straying away from ethics and using education as a source of propaganda and brainwashing young minds.


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