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Moscow Global Forum City for Education 2019 garners worldwide educators

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Evolution is a process that permeates the entire universe. Apparently, even education has caught itself in the wave. Today, when the world is trying to make a meaning out of chaotic developments, a city of Russia is chirping in ecstasy. Moscow, the iconic city that holds the credit of bringing major developments in Russia, has created an ideal education planet in its heart. The veins of the city are filled with stalwart education practices.

As amusing as it sounds, Moscow’s young geniuses are rewarded with a freedom to think, opportunities to create and amenities to prosper. Majorly, that’s the reason behind an unbelievable success of Moscow Global Forum- City for Education- 2019. The glittering event that was held from August 29 to September 1, 2019, hosted over 146,000 delegates from different parts of the world. Educators, edupreneurs, academicians, students, school children, parents and delegations from around the world froze every possible opportunity to learn and imbibe the new age learning practices.

From India, the CEO and Chief Editor of Brainfeed Education Magaine Group, K V Brahmam delivered a talk on Education Urbanism and shared how India, the country that fosters world’s largest population of youth, is striving towards the ever evolving world of opportunities.  Experiencing the practices of Moscow education, the education drive in India is sure to enhance even more.

An undoubted astonishment was prevalent in the eyes of delegates while witnessing how Gen Z were attracted and excited with the learning going around. The halls of MGF 2019 were filled with students randomly walking with a VR screen attached. Little did anyone know that these young pilots were virtually flying an airplane!

Eye-catching robots running around, young researchers indulged in microscopic lenses and educational startups sharing their fascinating technologies were summing up the scenario at Moscow Global Forum- City for Education- 2019. There were many attractive stands that glued the feet of delegates with their illustrious demonstrations especially Lego Booth which caught the attention of young children with its play based learning practices. This engaging learning tool is a win-win pedagogy for both the mentor and mentee. One of the most interesting platforms of the Moscow Global Forum- City for Education- 2019 was the Roboset site. This space welcomed any and everyone to take part in robot competitions.

The forum was embellished with interesting education activities such as Kurchatov Projects and Academic Classes. These master classes and pre-vocational education projects help to create and implement complex projects and studies that are aimed at improving modern education. A noteworthy initiative was to inculcate the spirit of patriotism in Gen Z. One of the days of the forum was dedicated to the grand opening of the new school year for Cadets and students of Moscow schools.

While running their eyes through a scenario where stalls were filled with demonstrating the most efficient tech savvy solutions for classroom pedagogies, a thought emerged in the minds of Brainfeed executive team invited for the Global Forum. “The Government of Moscow has invested strategically in education.  The objective of empowering the citizens through futuristic education is perfectly blended with fruitful collaboration with efficient educational service providers. What should be the face of an ideal 21st century school? This is it. This is the world that must be created across different education systems. A new ray of hope is what will emerge then. A new force of confident and skilled youth will stand up then.”

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