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MOSCOW pre- creates the Education of Future | Moscow Global Forum “City for Education” 2018


Imbibing the theme of Creating Advanced Educational Environment of the Future, the Moscow Global Forum “City for Education” 2018 becomes the most visited industry forum in the world!

From August 31 to September 2, Moscow was surrounded by the atmosphere of an education holiday. A special educational ecosystem was created at the Forum. Moscow became a major attraction of innovative technologies and a key driver for the development of the country’s educational community. Guests and participants of the Forum assured of the high quality of educational technologies of the metropolis. The age of the youngest visitor of the Forum was 1 year and 3 months, and the age of the oldest – 86 years.

“133 thousand people visited the Moscow Global Forum “City for Education” for 4 days” – reported Moscow Government Minister, Head of the Department of education of the city of Moscow, Isaac Kalina.

Chief Representatives of education authorities of the capital took part in the events of the Forum “City for Education”.

City of Education

The Moscow Global Forum “City for Education” 2018 united 86 exhibitors, about 1000 speakers and presenters of master classes. 87 cities, 53 countries from around the world and 5 continents participated in the Forum. Foreign guests of the Forum compared it with the Davos of Education. This year, 603 foreign visitors were in attendance at the “City for Education”, including the chiefs of the education system administrations:

Elena Pavichich Vukichevich, Vice-mayor of Zagreb, Croatia;

Dr. Ali Al Nuaimi, Director-General of the Board of Education of Abu-Dhabi, UAE;

Liisa Pohjalainen, Executive Director of the Education Department of Helsinki, Finland;

Melinda Nagie Varga, Head of the Department for Culture, Tourism, Sports, Education and Social Policy of Budapest, Hungary.

In the capacity of foreign experts of the Forum were:

Thomas Frey, well-known futurologist and Executive Director of the Da Vinci Institute, USA;

Maggie McDonnell, winner of the international prize Global Teacher Prize 2017;

Catherine Whitaker, President and Director for Education, EtonX;

Mikael Uusi-Makela, co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of TeacherGaming;

Jim Hawkins, Rector and Chief of school directors of the international network Whittle School & Studios

Within the framework of the Forum, 700 master classes were held at the stands and 460 sections of the business program, which aroused a keen interest of school directors, teachers, schoolchildren and their parents, Russian and foreign experts. On the last day of the Forum, a charity run was held. It united the guests of all ages and social categories. More than 500 people took part in the “Run for good” to support seriously ill children. The foreign speakers of the Forum joined the charity run too, in particular, President of International Non-Governmental Organization “Youth Service America”, Steven Culbertson.

Excerpts from the eminent speakers:

moscowJim Hawkins

What are the key skills the students will need to succeed in today’s digital economy?

“They will need to be: knowledgeable, and rigorous scholars and intrepid explorers; creative builders and ethical citizens; and self-aware and resilient people.  They will need to know how to learn, throughout life, not just school.  They will need to know how to apply knowledge, to think critically and solve problems creatively and, of course, be familiar with the latest technology and its associated benefits and challenges”.

“The perfect teacher is a natural advisor who finds it deeply fulfilling to guide children and nurture their talents.  They have intelligence and distinction in their academic discipline while possessing an infectious love of their subject and the ability to inspire others to learn.  And they embody and model the attributes and values that we want our young people to possess and embrace”.                    

 Thomas Frey

“Education needs to be highly focused on the skills needed at any given moment. Emerging high tech jobs continue to challenge the status quo because of the steeper-than-normal learning curve. While most employees haven’t been paying attention to the evolving workplace, the half-life of their skills is growing shorter, causing the overall value of their skills and abilities to diminish over time.

Our choice of technology defines who we are and our ability to function in an increasingly technology-dependent world. The very first Apple iPhone entered the world in 2007. This opened the door to mobile apps and a variety of tools that generally expand our personal capabilities. Since then, new tools have been appearing on a daily basis. With sensors becoming a ubiquitous part of everyday living we will soon be wearing smart shoes, sleeping on smart pillows, eating smart food, with smart spoons, while watching our children play with their smart toys. Very soon we will be downloading apps for our drones, our smart houses, our pets, our cars, our clothes, and even our imaginary friends. Our relationship with our personal technology will continue to be an ongoing challenge and improving skills in this area will give us a distinct advantage”.

Education is one of the key areas of a public life. It should develop in tune with the times and be ahead of the time. The Forum “City for Education” became an excellent opportunity for its participants from all over the world to get to know modern educational solutions proposed by Moscow. A properly established system of children’s education is a pledge of future professional competency. The Forum joined at its venue representatives of the education sector from around the world. Together, we can make a much greater contribution to the education of the modern generation. The “City for Education” is an educational platform where the future is created even today.

Moscow Global Forum “City for Education” confirmed its title of the main event in the educational life of Russia, as well as of the world.

Forum organizers:

The Department of Education of the City of Moscow

The Department for External Economic and International Relations of the City of Moscow

The Department of Information Technologies of the City of Moscow

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