N.St.Mathew’s Public School – Vijayawada


Name of the School               :              N.St.Mathew’s Public School

Board                                        :              CBSE

Type                                          :              Day School

Address                                    :             Patamata, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh 520010

Classes                                    :              Nursery –  XII Grade

Mobile no                                :              0866 247 6505

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Excellence Award
category                                 :             1. CBSE School,
                                                               2. Best  Community & Collaboration School,
                                                               3. Best Influential School Brand,
                                                               4. Excellence in  Sports Education,
                                                               5. Best Techno Smart School of the Year.

Website                                :               http://www.nsmpublicschoolvijayawada.org

About the School               :           

“The future of India is shaped in her classrooms,” Pandit Nehru was very true when he uttered these lines because certainly the future of many a great Indian is molded in NSM. N.St.Mathew’s Public School has put up 37 years of glorious service in the field of education. The year 1973, saw the humble beginning of the school that was to make a name for itself. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Similarly, NSM has risen from a humble dwelling to imposing buildings well equipped with the latest state-of-art technology. The school is managed by the society of Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel. It runs classes from KG to X. It is recognized by the CBSE, New Delhi and prepares its students for AISSE through the medium of English. It is a co-educational school.

 Sorce: School Website

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