NEP has made all subjects at par: Prerna Bisht, 96.8% CBSE 2020


In conversation with Prerna Bisht, student of Hayde Heritage Academy who has scored 96.8% in CBSE 2020 examinations. She shares her experience.

Are you happy with your scores?

I was quite satisfied with my board result. Preparing for the exams was fun. All my subjects were of equal interest to me with no subject getting more priority than the other. I enjoyed studying all of them. While choosing my subjects, I was confused between Humanities and Science. My aim has always been to pursue Psychology. So finally I decided I should have it as one of my main subjects.

What subjects did you choose?

In my school, Psychology was offered both in combination with science and humanities subjects. I was inclined towards Social Sciences and had no desire to study subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.  But I liked Biology as a subject. So I took a combination of Psychology and Biology with Political Science and History.

I am indeed lucky that my school offered such a subject combination which helped me focus on my main subject without compromising on my other subjects which I liked equally. In future I am planning to do BA (Honours) with Applied Psychology. My advice to all students is to study subjects which interests you which will help you to score high in your Boards.

Their reaction to pandemic and new way of learning?

I finished with my board examinations before the boards were suspended for our year 2020. So, I was not someone who was awarded average marking. So for me, pandemic has been stay at home and wait. Our batch has not attended online classes as our college admission are pending. We are though, looking forward to the new way of learning as we have seen our siblings exposed to the same. But it can only happen after our college admissions are done. We however have a fear of this year turning into a zero year which would be disappointing as we are looking forward to college.

Advise to students who will appear next year for boards?

My advice will always be enjoy and give your best and results will follow. Personally, I have picked subjects which I was passionate about. I had a choice of science with biology or psychology, history, political science with biology. I selected the latter as my school allowed me to do so and I really enjoyed the two years. My results were the result of pure targeted study and enjoying it too.

What is your opinion about NEP?

I am a product of the visionary policy of the NEP as my school had already adopted many of its tenets. I could do cross streaming with subjects both from humanities and science. The NEP has started recognizing other than science subjects and has also included them in the IIT curriculum which is very positive.

What is your aim in career?

I am passionate about the subject, psychology and would like to pursue a Psychology Degree. I would want to go into clinical psychology and pursue a PhD too on this subject.

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