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New law in Philippines to teach environmental protection to students

In the Philippines under the new Bill, the students passing out from elementary school, high school, and college must and should plant at least ten tree seedlings in areas such as forests, mangroves, and indigenous territories.  This is a very good initiative to get young people to do it which make them aware of environmental protection. The bill clearly states that students must plant at least 10 trees in order to graduate.

The students must also make sure that the trees have to be appropriate for the area’s climate, and indigenous tree species are mostly preferred. The congressman Gary Alejano introduced the bill which is named as the “Graduation Legacy for the Environment Act 2016” in order to promote “inter-generational responsibility” towards environmental protection.

He further added that this initiative will make it possible at least 175 million new trees to be planted every year and “in the course of one generation” it totals to 525 billion additional trees.

According to the Bill, for implementing the new rule, the country’s Education Department will be responsible and to establish nurseries, supply seedlings, identify suitable planting sites, monitor the trees’, etc will be dealt by the Environment and Agriculture Departments.

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